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Search Engine Optimization / Local Search Marketing

MarketingHits SEO services works on building incoming organic traffic, pinpointing technical issues and providing actionable recommendations for fixing them, cultivating your website as an online community center for your industry, and mitigating search engine penalties that could be doing tremendous damage to your organization’s bottom line.

Customized for Your Needs
Each client and each website is distinct and we tailor our services to your particular needs and circumstances. Our search engine optimization consulting frequently starts with our unique in-depth analysis of your digital properties from which we can identify significant issues and opportunities that often include:
- Technical issues on your website related to coding and functionality
- Usability improvements, including for mobile devices
- Manual and/or algorithmic linkspam penalties from Google
- Existing or potential algorithmic penalties related to duplicate content and/or plagiarism
- Website load time and response speed improvements
- Maximizing on sales, conversions, and “soft” conversions such as social shares and email signups
- Structured data, social schema, and metadata recommendations
- Website Traffic Analysis
- Content development and improvements
- Link building and relationship building
- Conversion funnel enhancements
… and so much more…